Now you can begin learning Spanish quickly and easily. Do you really need to memorise verb tables, grammar and more, or do you want to begin speaking Spanish conversationally from the first lesson.

If you answered yes to above then ABC Spanish, is the one for you. You will learn grammar but as it’s spoken rather than in tables and tenses.

When going through each lesson you will be presented with a list of new words, for each new word try to imagine each scenario in your minds eye for about 10 seconds, this helps recollection of the words later on.

One thing to remember when learning a new language is that quite often they have different rules and structure to our own. We try to teach the closet we can get to English but there may be times when you feel frustrated by it.

Please remember it’s not English, if you want to learn the new language you need to follow their rules and ways, open your mind to new ideas and enjoy the sheer pleasure of communicating with someone in another language.

Buy your lessons now, 20 lessons for the absolute beginner, download as pdf file. Price just £4.99 and you will be creating sentences that you can use from day 1.